Buggy or 2WD or 4WD


There are five CAMS Buggy Classes

A buggy is a car with some fibreglass or sheet metal panelling, a rear or mid mounted engine, running a transaxle type gearbox, big travel suspension and 4WD type tyres. Most buggies run modified VW gearboxes though there are a quite a few Porsche and Renault boxes, especially in the Pro Buggy Class. Suppliers around Australia can adapt any engine to any transaxle gearbox.

Pro Buggy – one- or two-seaters with engine sizes ranging from 1651cc to 6000cc. .

This is the class from where a majority of outright wins come. A lot of these buggies are turboed or supercharged.

Prolite Buggy – one- or two-seaters with engines ranging from 1351cc to 1600cc. As the rule book states that putting forced induction onto an engine changes the engine capacity  (multiply the actual capacity by 1.6) there aren’t any Class 2 turbos. Class 2 buggies generally run twin cam EFI engines. The Toyota 4AG motor and its variants are probably the most popular, though there are a lot of cars running Subaru and Mazda B6 engines. Some run the bullet-proof Datsun 1600 as a cheaper option.

Super 1650 Buggy – two seaters with engine capacity up to 1650cc.

Sportsman Buggy – two seater with engine capacity up to 1330cc.

Clubman Buggy – one- or two-seater with engine capacity up to 1650cc (State level and below only).

There are two CAMS 2WD Classes - Class 4 Two Wheel Drive (Modified)/Baja  and Class 5 Two Wheel Drive Enduro

Depending on the Event the Supplementary Regulations may allow for subdivision of the Classes by engine capacity.

Performance 2WD Trucks run fibreglass silhouette bodies (usually a ute of some sort) over a steel chassis. They are usually front engine running to a various types of diffs. In some Events Performance 2WD trucks challenge for outright wins.

Extreme 2WD vehicles must retain the original body of the vehicle but the rules allow for heavy modification to the engine and running gear.  Engine capacity to 6000cc.Includes VW Bajas.  These are a Beetle body that sits on barwork with pretty high class machinery underneath making them serious offroad vehicles.

There are two CAMS 4WD Classes - Production 4WD and Modified 4WD.

Depending on the Event the Supplementary Regulations may allow for subdivision of the Classes by engine capacity, as in the Gascoyne Dash where there is Class 7A (up to 1300c and Class 7B (1300cc to 6000cc).

There are very few restrictions on Class 8 but Class 7 must retain most original body, engine and driveline parts.


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